Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dana Lee Stern , a Pathological Liar and Mentally Unstable by Lee Stern

My father Dan Lee Stern,AKA, Dana Lee Stern Sr, AKA, Dan Stern, AKA, Dana Sergrist, AKA Dan C Stern, AKA, Bob Hemstead,AKA, Bob Smith, AKA Danalee Stern, AKA, Dunalee Stern,AKA who knows? Is a pathalogicalliar who has deep seated mommy issues. he thinks everyone should worship hims and needs to dominate everyone around him. This is compounded by his cowardice of the first order. He fled the 82nd Airborne for Canada after stealing a car and wound up in a prison in Canada. His father had to make a deal to geet him out then he was unceremoniously booted out of the army , after betraying some of his fellow soldiers in order to escape getting a dishonorable discharge. this also makes him a traitor to some. While he looks impressive on paper , it is all an illusion and trickery on his part. His PHD was bought and paid for online for $120. His Pulitzer nomination for his coffee table book on  hacking was done by his agent. Who cares? As for his employment, he has many , amny co-workers that are now enemies. Even several of his co-workers talk about his attempts at extortion of the companies he worked for. His ex-wives have compared notes and found it very revealing. The lies he told about different ones to the new wives don't hold up under the light of day. His sons so despise him that most are considering changing their names. His oldest son is the only one to seriously catch him out and prove him to be the coward and liar he truly is. At the end of his miserable existence it has become apparent that almost nothing about the life of Dana Lee Stern Sr is true. There are some who believe that he may have even stolen the identity of his oldest son who has had to go on disability, why else would he start attacking his oldest son within 2 weeks of his oldest son signing up for his disability? A Private Investigator will help us find the truth!  

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